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우리 둘 밖에 없어

luhan (●♡∀♡)

luhan (●♡∀♡)

tao brings out the other side of the sweetie zhang liyin

Anonymous asked: / *kisses your lips* / and YASSS you are so cool, babe :o I thought you'd be one of those crazy "#EXOFORLYFE" fans but no, you're always my unique snowflake ♥ ^^ and yes, I will listen to the song because bae is listening to it ;) AND I GOT HELLA SONGS DEDICATED YOU, BABE ~ It's just so loong -_- Maybe once in a while I'll tell you one ;) I wish I had your number so that I wouldn't always have to go to your tumblr and message you T^T but no, that makes me sound like a thirsty ass pedo :l -Sehun

♡ HAHAH I’m laughing omfg I love exo but of course I love other artists too * 3 * I honestly really love it and I love dynamic duo in general ; 3 ; the lyrics are like verging on rated but hehe it’s a good song ♡ omfg please show me songs!! I really love when people show me songs (and in your case dedicate * 3 *) I’ll be waiting okay ♡ I will tell you songs once in a while too and we can share our music like that hehe ^ 3 ^ sobs I’m sorry you have to go through all the trouble ;;; buT HAHAH omfg you’re not a thirsty ass pedo u 3 u (oR ARE YOU) shh don’t worry cutie ♡ we can always talk on kakao if you want? * 3 * hehe

hariumi asked: thanks for exist :)

omfg this is the cutest message ever ; 3 ; thank /you/ so much for existing * u * have a great day/night and take care okay cupcake!!!! 

go-love-exo asked: but babeeeee~


omgfishy asked: ayyYy babe ;)

i’m not your babe i’m not your babe fernando 

Anonymous asked: I know, but I like saying it ^^ ♥♥ and yes, I prefer sun better than slut T^T :'(I'm just another anon you don't know anything about, I forgot -_-" It's kpop, of course ^^ More like taeyang and GD, Exo & Bangtan, but I like rap a lot ^^ So basically I like ratchet rappers and singers like Beyonce', J.T, Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, + many more ~ Taeyang's on the top tho :3 How about you? -Sehun

hahaha jfc you’re so cute I’m ;;; /holds you very close and peppers your face with kissies/ shhh you’re a very special anon that I want to get to know better ♡ ahhh we have similar music taste * u * LMAO RATCHET RAPPERS I like rap too hehe ;- ) )) I like all those you named too (except lil wayne because the last song I heard from him was from years ago ;;) but in kpop honestly mainly exo, bangtan and jay park * 3 * ♡ and I guess, is dynamic duo part of “k-pop”? ;; honestly anything AOMG + brand new music + amoeba culture, etc etc. I love love ♡ I asked you this because I was listening to dynamic duo’s hot wings and got curious * 3 * if you haven’t heard of this song, it’s really good plus the lyrics reminds me of you hehe 

Anonymous asked: If you know you're gonna cry, you can always look away and snuggle deep into my arms ;) and haha I'm glad I make you speechless :) I have your heart already ~ ♥ But don't you know? My beauty cannot be complete unless you're a part of it. If you think you're just a pebble, to me you're a bright, beautiful sun that shines all over my existence :) Remember that, babe. And I saw that T-T She need to be taught a lesson. But first, you are not a slut, not even to me. Don't call yourself that ! -Sehun

I will do that * 3 * ♡ of course you have my heart sobs ;; you’ve had that a while ago ;; 3 ;; aww iw fjasek i’m ;;;; (speechless again what a surprise) I promise I’ll try my best to shine over you every day ♡ /smooches your cheek/ ; 3 ; it’s okay though ㅠㅠ it’s because you’re too good u 3 u but I’m not gonna let anyone steal you hehe ♡ okay I won’t ; A ; I’ll just be sehunnie’s sun * 3 * ♡ I also realized I don’t know anything about you really ; 3 ; tell me about yourself!! what kind of music do you like? 


bangtan ain’t taking no shit from anyone ; - ) ) )  … .. .

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